Motion Physiotherapy working with Swim England

Motion physiotherapy's own Dan Nicholls took a teaching session today for Swim England at the state of the art facility at Cobham, Surrey. He was invited to run a workshop focusing on 'mobility for starts and turns'. Swimmers from the South East of England were selected for the workshop based on their exceptional performance over the past season, and potential to represent the national team at future world championships, and olympic games. The workshop was prompted based on Great Britain's recent challenges on starts and turns which is believed to be an area that cost Great Britain several medals at the recent Rio 2016 Olympics. Dan discussed mobility challenges necessary to perform a streamline start as well as turn. For example the importance of hamstring mobility in the leading leg when on the start block to ensure hips are maintained in a high position, therefore enabling the swimmer to initiate the first movement following the starting pistol to come from the hips. which has been shown to produce faster starts, and quicker entry into the pool. Dan also educated the swimmers regarding the elements of a successful streamline position after executing a turn off the wall, such as mobility of the large 'pulling' muscle in the back called the latisimus dorsi. The workshop was well received and swimmers took to the pool after the session to reinforce the techniques that were taught. 

Dan Nicholls